About Us

What We Do
At Dudley Federation, our main role is to support the Tenants and Residents Associations (TRAs) in our membership in any way possible as well as encourage the development of new TRAs. We also provide other tenants and residents in the Dudley Borough with any advice and guidance that they may need.
We work closely with Dudley Council and their partners which allows us and local communities to participate in the decision making process and be kept up to date with important news. With the help of the Council we are able to distribute Capital Bid funding to our TRA groups and we can also help groups to obtain funding through other avenues.
Currently we hold bi-monthly general meetings and produce a bi-monthly newsletter to keep our members informed and allow them to have their say. We will also be sending out emails to our members and contacts in between meetings to keep them fully aware of any important issues, we will also include any information that we think may be useful. If you wish to be included on our contact list please email us to let us know.
As well as this, we will also be making changes to the way we work and how we use our offices in order to be more open, transparent and above all – useful to our members (TRAs).
Here are a few examples of the changes that we have been making:
  • A new and more informative logo has been launched
  • A fully functional resource centre with new opening times to TRA members is almost ready 
  • More regular email contact for those that would like it is being trialled 
  • More feedback from Council and Partnership Meetings is being given at General Meetings
  • Open days/evenings for TRA members to visit the offices and see what we have to offer will be arranged
  • There will be more training in co-operation with the Participation Development Team, Directorate of Adult, Community and Housing Services
    We also want TRAs to be celebrated more for their Achievements, and help others that need it.
    DFTRA History
    Dudley Federation of Tenant & Residents Associations (DFTRA) was established in 1991 from a Chair’s and Secretary’s organisation.  It became an umbrella forum that represents Tenant & Residents Associations from across the Dudley Borough.  DFTRA has a close working relationship with numerous partner agencies and actively encourages local communities to participate in the decision making process. DFTRA offers communities the chance to have one united voice.