DFTRA Documents

Our plans for the future – our latest report from our 2021 Away Day and the plan for the next 12 months, as well as previous versions.

Policies and Procedures – All active DFTRA policies and procedures

Service Level Agreement Report 2019/20 – The latest full report on our Service Level Agreement with DMBC

Service Level Agreement Reports previous years – Previous years’ reports on our Agreement with DMBC

Discretionary Bid application procedure – Tenants and Residents groups are able to bid for up to £100 for items necessary for day to day running

Financial Updates – Members’ financial reports distributed at Dudley Federation General Meetings

Minutes from our General meetings – Agreed minutes from Dudley Federation General meetings

Minutes from Board Meetings – Agreed minutes from Dudley Federation Board meetings

Annual Report Newsletters – Newsletters containing our Annual Report, which consists of the main points from the Service Level Agreement Reports

Memorandum and Articles of Association

GDPR, Data Protection & Privacy