Dudley 500 – your chance to get involved

We would like to tell you about an opportunity to join the Dudley 500 database.

The Dudley 500 is a database of over 650 engaged tenants and leaseholders for Dudley Council. Its purpose is to complete short surveys online, to help people have their say in the way their council is run.

Surveys should be quick and easy to complete and should allow people to be involved casually, without having to commit to attending meetings or providing feedback on a regular basis. Members of the database have the option to select specific topics that they want to have their say in, and opt out of topics they are not currently interested in.

These surveys will be sent by email and will be able to complete by following a link provided.

The topics include:

My local area:

  • Green care and grounds maintenance
  • Recycling
  • Rubbish and fly tipping
  • Anti-social behaviour

My home:

  • Tenancy conditions and managing homes
  • Repairs and maintenance of homes         
  • Letting and allocating homes       
  • Supporting people to remain independent in their homes
  • High rise living


  • Communications and keeping people informed     
  • Events and activities
  • How well the Council is performing
  • Investing in homes and new developments
  • Income and rent collection
  • Equal opportunities and accessibility

If you’re interested, please complete this mini survey and send it directly to participation@dudley.gov.uk.