Financial support for people struggling to pay rent

Borough residents struggling to pay their rent or at risk of becoming homeless could get financial support from Dudley Council.

The extra support, known as a discretionary housing payments, are available to people who receive housing benefit or universal credit (housing element) but still can’t afford to pay all of their rent. The payments are used to help cover the shortfall between their rent and the benefit they receive, and ensure people avoid eviction and the risk of becoming homeless.

In a bid to support more people, the council has recently extended what the payments can be used for. In additional to on-going rental payments, they can now help by supporting people to clear rent arrears so they can move if they want to, as well as paying deposits in advance to help people secure a property and also help with removal costs. The claim process is simple and all claims are assessed based upon each individual’s circumstances.  If you think you may need this additional support, you can contact the council’s benefit services on 0300 5556 8100 or make a claim at