Housing Manager Attendance at Meetings

Here is the management response regarding officer attendance at TRA meetings:

Housing Managers will be required to attend all general meetings to which they are invited by Tenant’s & Residents Groups operating within their patch.

We would encourage TRA’s to give reasonable notice when inviting Housing Managers to attend their meeting to maximise attendance and where possible to give an indication or details of matters which may be raised by their members to allow the Housing Manager to come prepared to answer those matters at the meeting. If the Housing Manager is unavailable for the meeting they will advise their Team Manager in order to identify someone who can substitute for them and will notify the TRA accordingly.

Housing Managers are only expected to attend for the specific item on the agenda for matters they need to respond to and TRA’s are requested to make this the first item of substantive business and to allow the Housing Manager to leave once completed.

Housing Managers may attend TRA’s Committee meetings or other TRA events where there is mutual benefit to the group and to Housing Services in their attendance.

Housing Managers will not be required to seek prior approval from their Team Managers to attend meetings but their attendance and its impact on work will be monitored by the Team Managers. TRA’s are asked to consider if the Housing Manager is the right person to attend their meetings before requesting they do so and to invite other officers if it is more relevant and appropriate that they respond. The Tenant Participation Team can assist TRA groups in determining who the most relevant officer from the Council or other agencies is to invite depending on the nature of business to be conducted.