Q&A with Corbyns Bromley TRA

Q. How long has the TRA been active?
A. Since October 2013.

Q. What is your biggest achievement?
A. Within our first eight weeks of being formed we had organised a successful Christmas Fair which raised over £350 for our group. Along with a Community Forums grant, this money has funded a huge family fun day celebration in honour of Black Country Day in July. We are also very proud of our first litter pick in April which saw 18 people in attendance and resulted in almost 40 bags of rubbish being removed from pedestrian footpaths and surrounding bushes.

Q.Have you had any difficult times?
A.As none of our group have done anything like this before, learning the ropes hasn’t been easy.
Constitutions, meetings, Dudley Council, Councillors, grants and funding… all these things were
foreign to us at the beginning. There are a few complicated issues in our local area which have
required assistance from several Council departments and it can be a long process. We have
found the employees of DMBC helpful and we hope to keep making progress.

Q.What are your plans for the future?
A.Generally, to carry on trying our best and keep up the motivation. Specifically, and in the short
term, we have a consultation about regeneration in our area in June, our large Summer event at
the Dell Stadium (Sunday 13th July) and a litter picking exercise in July, and are continuing to
investigate many local issues which include problems with fly-tipping and litter, potholes,
housing issues, drainage and a lack of local facilities. Long term we plan to improve green spaces
in our area, renew fencing around the estates, stamp out fly-tipping and increase community
participation with consultations and reporting of issues.

Q. Any other comments or advice?
A. We have become a close-knit association since forming last year and are a motivated friendly
group of varying backgrounds which we believe contributes toward our success. Working
toward a common goal we have achieved much in little time and hope to keep up the dynamic
for many years to come.

Don’t forget! Black Country Fun Day, Sunday 13th July 1-5pm – blackcountrydaypensnett.co.uk