Report road maintenance issues easily with online resources

Dudley Council Plus has a wide range of online resources to help you to save time on common service requests. Here are some quick links that cover the most popular resources for road maintenance, including street care and potholes.

Report a street maintenance issue

Report any issue with street cleanliness

Report an obstruction to the road or pavement

Report a damaged pavement

Request a grit bin refill

Report an issue with gritting or snow clearance

Report flooding, blockages and misuse of a road drain or gully

Report a faulty traffic signal, street light or illuminated sign

Potholes can be a danger to drivers and pedestrians. If you spot a pothole on a public road, report it to Dudley MBC and they’ll repair it. This can be done using an online form.

Report a pothole or road defect

This information came from a Dudley Council email bulletin, you can sign up to these bulletins here.