Summer Holiday Activities & Events 2018

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Activities and events

Holiday Schemes 2018

As the Summer Holidays are fast approaching, I have done a report of events and activities taking place that we know off so far and have attached below, so if parents enquire about what’s going on during the summer holidays, you can pass on this information.

As this is a long report (which is a good thing as it means there’s plenty to do during the summer holidays), if you would like me to break this down into the areas / townships that your provision is based around or if you looking for a specific age range of activities and events, or whether you want activities that are free of charge, just let me know and I will be able to do this for you. Please note, I break up on Wednesday 18th July, so any requests after this date will not be actioned.

I have also done a report on the holiday schemes that we know are running during the summer holidays as well, so please see below.

Also, the libraries will be holding the summer reading challenge and theme for this year is Mischief Makers. I have attached the web link with all the information about this below.

Also, it was announced today that children will be able to swim for free at Dudley, Crystal & Halesowen Leisure Centres during the whole 6 weeks summer holiday. Registration must be completed in advance and all information about this can be found via the press release below.

All of this information is also on our website which is kept up to date on a regular basis and when you access the site, if you click on the ‘Events – what’s on’ section, the information will be on there. I have created a ‘Summer Holidays 2018’ section where information on Summer Activities can be found. Any further activities and events we hear about for summer holidays and throughout the year will be uploaded onto our directory, so it’s always worth checking this out on a regular basis.

I hope this report & information are useful to you and prove beneficial to the parents at your provision.

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