Car key Burglary Advice

Information from Dudley Police 
This is a request to help reduce house burglaries committed with the intention of stealing a car.
Because car security has improved greatly during recent years offenders are now seeking to steal cars by burgling houses and obtaining the car keys.
Dudley police are taking a number of steps to prevent this type of crime, including increased patrols in the affected areas and investigating any information that we receive from the community.
You can also help by being vigilant. During the day be on the lookout for any unusual individuals or vehicles in your street, particularly if they appear to be paying attention to a house where a desirable car is parked, whether or not the car is there at the time. Similarly late at night, if you’re coming or going be on the lookout for unusual activity.
Owners of high value or desirable cars are advised to take extra precautions.
Our advice to you is:
  • Never leave car keys in open view of your letterbox or ground floor windows
  • Cars are now very difficult to steal therefore, criminals are resulting to stealing car keys
  • Always keep your windows and doors locked
  • Fit a steering lock to your vehicle as this will prevent the vehicle from being driven away
  • Ensure car keys are not within reach and cannot be “fished” from letterbox or window
  • Because it is the car keys the thief wants, when at home at night DO leave them downstairs, do not take them upstairs with you. If they are persistent enough to break-in it is best they take the keys and go.
  • If you have a garage, always make sure the car is parked in it overnight.
  • If you have a home security system, always use it
  • Invest in a tracking device so if your car is stolen it stands a better chance of being traced. If your car is fitted with a tracking device, activate it every time
  • Be alert when you are outside − consider who is around you and where your keys are
  • Before getting out of your car, check your surroundings − wherever you are. If you feel uneasy do not park, drive off.
  • Report any suspicious activity or interest in these types of cars to the police.
With your help we can reduce crime in Dudley.
Car owners can find out more about securing their vehicle by visiting out Safer Motors website at
Non emergency – 101
Emergency – 999
Crimestoppers – 0800 555 111