Council Tax Reduction Scheme Consultation

At the moment Dudley’s 2015/16 council tax reduction scheme means that households falling into the protected groups including adults and children with a disability, lone parents with a child under five and war pensioners can still get up to 100% reduction in their council tax bill. Households in the non protected groups have to pay at least 20% of the full charge.
Like all councils, Dudley continues to face ongoing reductions in its central government funding and therefore needs to decide whether to increase its council tax income by changing its Council Tax Reduction scheme for 2016/17.
The council currently grants approximately £20 million in Council Tax Reduction and collects around £110 million in council tax. The various scheme proposals included in this consultation could increase the collectible council tax by up to £1.4 million.
For full information on what the Council Tax Reduction Scheme is, who it applies to and the savings that need to be made see the information page on the Dudley Council website.

Consultation will be taking place until 9th October 2015 – it is important that you have your say! 

Complete the online questionnaire.

Alternatively, copies of the consultation leaflet which includes the questionnaire, will be available at Dudley Council Plus and all borough libraries.

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