Farewell Phyllis!

After well over 20 years of volunteering, Phyllis Rowley has decided to enjoy a well-earned retirement.

Phyllis’ journey here at Dudley Federation has been quite an exciting ride. After joining her local TRA – Vicarage Prospect TRA based in Dudley, she then became a board member at Dudley Federation in February of 2002. She has been involved in many projects and events over the years, with an open mind and a kind heart – but never too shy to stand up for what’s right!

A formidable opponent not only in a board room debate but in the dojo too, Phyllis’ interest in karate started later in life and she was featured in local news after achieving her green belt in 2010. When she achieved her 1st Dan black belt in 2015 (becoming the oldest female in the UK to do so) she was propelled into national news, featuring on Good Morning Britain, TFI Friday and even appeared in a Halifax advert!

Here are the links to her appearances:

Good Morning Britain

Good Morning Britain – behind the scenes

Halifax advert (watch until the end!

Metro article

GKR karate Twitter (lots more pictures and links there)

We would like to thank Phyllis for all of her hard work over the years, and share some special memories below.